Technical Specifications and Features of Portable Laboratory Sonicators: Kalstein Models YR05829, YR05830 and YR05831

In today’s scientific world, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and every day we can see how these advances directly impact laboratory tasks. Portable equipment, in particular, offers a new dimension of convenience and efficiency in various laboratory applications. Among this equipment, the Kalstein Portable Sonicator – Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizer models YR05829, YR05830 and YR05831 stand out, excellent precision tools for liquid processing with features that make them stand out in their field.

Mode of operation and ease of use

Increasing advances in scientific and medical research require precise and efficient technological tools. One example is Kalstein’s powerful portable ultrasonic laboratory homogenizer-sonicator from Kalstein.

This laboratory equipment comes with two modes of operation, automatic and manual, which offers users remarkable versatility and adaptability. In addition, it also exhibits a 3.5-inch high-definition touch screen control, a considerable size for convenience and simplicity of use in any laboratory environment.

Advanced ultrasonic technology

These Kalstein handheld sonicator models feature variable ultrasonic power, ranging from 5 to 150W for the YR05829 model, 5 to 250W for the YR05830 and an impressive range of 5 to 400W for the YR05831.

In addition, all models operate at a frequency ranging from 19-25 KHz and feature a 1 to 99% duty range, providing a range of ultrasonic intensities to perfectly match the needs of each laboratory sample.

Adaptability and control

No matter how large the samples that need to be processed, Kalstein’s portable sonicators demonstrate an incredible ability to adapt to sample size. The YR05829 model can handle volumes of 0.1-50 ml, while the YR05830 and YR05831 models can handle volumes up to 0.5-100 ml and 0.5-300 ml, respectively.

Also noteworthy is their ultrasound time, which can be adjusted from 1 second to nearly 100 hours, an adaptive setting that makes them excellent for use in a range of laboratory applications.

Additional advantages and optional accessories

In addition to their technical capabilities, Kalstein’s portable sonicators have an optional temperature probe for precise temperature control. This is especially useful for temperature-sensitive experiments. They also feature different horn sizes: the YR05829 model comes with a 2 mm random horn and additional 2 and 3 mm options, while the YR05830 has 2, 3, and 6 mm horns.

The YR05831 comes with 3, 6, and 8 mm horns. The versatility in horn size allows for adequate and efficient handling of a wide range of sample volumes. With their customizable power supply, these instruments guarantee global compatibility and deserve a prominent place in any laboratory.

In conclusion, these Kalstein portable sonicator models prove to be valuable equipment for accurate sample processing and analysis in any laboratory. With their modes of operation, ultrasonic technology, adaptability and control, as well as additional benefits and optional accessories, these models facilitate reproducible and reliable results in all aspects of scientific and medical research.