Technological Advances in Laboratory Microwave Digesters: Kalstein Models Breakdown

Technology is always advancing by leaps and bounds, offering different sectors increasingly efficient and precious solutions. Scientific laboratories are no exception. A crucial element in many of these are microwave digesters, used to break down solid samples into solutions that can be further analyzed.

Today, we focus on models from Kalstein, a well-known manufacturer in the field of laboratory equipment.

Technical specifications from YR04953 to YR04956

The YR04953 to YR04956 series models of microwave digesters offer a variable capacity from 6 to 12 vessels, adapting to different laboratory operation needs. Precise temperature monitoring, thanks to a non-contact IR sensor, ensures continuous and accurate control in each vessel.

This control range ranges from 50 to 400°C, with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃, eliminating the possibility of undesirable variations. Along with this, it also implements a pressure monitoring system, with a control range of 0 to 15MPa and an accuracy of ±0.01MPa, thus improving vessel handling safety.

Innovation in the YR04957 and YR04958 Models

The YR04957 and YR04958 models expand capacity to 12 and 18 vessels, respectively. They include a heavy-duty corrosion-proof air blower for the exhaust, providing increased durability and strength to the equipment. They are distinguished by their protective vessel material that combines eyelet and fiberglass, ensuring maximum chemical resistance.

Their unique feature is the ability to perform a continuous 360° rotation in one direction, facilitating uniform mixing. In addition, they contain a 316L stainless steel microwave tank with anti-corrosion coating and the vessel volume is 100ml, making them extremely suitable for a wide variety of samples

The Future of Digestion: The YR04959 and YR04960 models

The YR04959 and YR04960 represent a breakthrough in laboratory microwave digester technology, as they have a vessel capacity of 40 to 50 vessels respectively, an unprecedented capacity in the market.

These devices have a vessel volume of 50ml and are made of imported TFM. The appearance of a 7-inch color touch screen facilitates their operation and data display, allowing easier access to configuration and logging options.

Safety and Power Assured on all Models

Models YR04953 to YR04960 maintain consistency in performance and safety. All feature a 316L stainless steel microwave tank with anti-corrosion coating that resists chemical erosion. In addition, their microwave power is adjustable, reaching up to 3000W in models YR04959 and YR04960, which facilitates adaptability to different processes.

It is also important to highlight its safety standards, keeping microwave leakage below 5 mw/cm2, ensuring the protection of laboratory personnel and safe handling of the equipment.