The Advancement of Medical Technology: Kalstein Laboratory Electrolyte Analyzers

In the dynamic world of medical diagnostics, accuracy and efficiency are critical factors. One company that has set an exemplary standard in these areas is Kalstein, known for its advanced laboratory equipment. Foremost among these is its electrolyte analyzers, innovative diagnostic tools whose accuracy and speed place Kalstein as an industry leader.

Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Electrtoololyte Analyzer stands out in the broad field of research and diagnostic testing as an unmatched . These models are designed with superior technology that provides speed and accuracy in every test.

  • Automatic electrical potential tracking and correction software to ensure stable operation.
  • Automatically detects and filters out tiny bubbles to prevent clogging and ensure accurate measurement.
  • Real-time diagnostics of system operating status. Automatic detection and alarm of residual liquids.
  • Automatic calibration and two-point correction to adjust slope and intercept.
  • Wave theory discharge method and direct pipeline discharge method to avoid blockage and cross-contamination.
  • Power failure protection to avoid data loss, data storage could be extended to more than 20,000.
  • Available to shut down at any time, thus reduce reagent consumption, suitable for any hospital.

Advanced Technology

Models YR05166 through YR05176 come equipped with advanced ion selective electrode (ISE) technology for analysis. This method is remarkably fast, providing results in less than 25 seconds. In addition, the electrode tips are replaceable, which extends the life of these instruments.

These analyzers can analyze a variety of elements, including potassium (K), sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), and other elements essential in laboratory testing. They differentiate between different forms of calcium and also include detection of lithium and magnesium in specific models.

Multifunction and Storage

In addition to their precise analysis capability, Kalstein analyzers offer impressive versatility by being able to process a variety of samples such as serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine. Sample volumes can range from 60 to 300 micro liters, allowing flexibility according to the requirements of each test.

The built-in storage system can hold up to 10,000 test results, offering users the opportunity to compare and reference data quickly and efficiently. This feature improves the efficiency of data collection and analysis in routine laboratory operation.

Ease of Use and Efficient Performance

Kalstein electrolyte analyzers are recognized for their simple operation through YES/NO responses, which makes them easy to use, reducing training time and improving efficiency. In addition, they feature a sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption, contributing to a more cost-effective and sustainable performance.

The speed of these machines is unmatched, with a fast testing speed of 80 tests per hour. At the same time, their design prevents the generation of unnecessary waste through the use of individual reagents.

Kalstein laboratory electrolyte analyzers redefine the standard for accurate and fast measurement in the field of medical science. With their sophisticated design, abundant storage and phenomenal efficiency, these models are a valuable acquisition for any laboratory looking to elevate its analytical capabilities.