The Kalstein YR429 Histological Tissue Processor for Laboratories: Precision and Reliability in Tissue Analysis

The medical and laboratory industry is always at the forefront of innovation. This unwavering commitment to constant progression is evident in every piece of equipment from Kalstein, globally recognized for its excellence. Today, we will take a closer look at one of its gems: the Histological Tissue Processor for Laboratories, model YR429.

A Look at the Kalstein YR429 Model

The Kalstein YR429 histological tissue processor for laboratories is a piece of equipment that redefines excellence and precision in tissue analysis, thanks to its superior technical specifications and guaranteed efficacy. This equipment comes with 12 cup holders, nine of which are for reagents, whereas stations 10, 11, and 12 are utilized for paraffin fusion. With a capacity in each cup of 1500 ml, this device offers a considerable advantage for the manipulation and extensive processing of tissues, allowing for more productive work in laboratories.

Furthermore, this model allows for an extended duration of processing time in the first cup and an adjustable duration ranging from 0 to 24 hours for the remaining cups. This offers substantial flexibility for the equipment operators, enabling them to adapt the processing cycles to the specific requirements and timings of each research or analysis.

Temperature Control and Optimal Purification

The temperature range offered by the YR429 tissue processor ranges from room temperature up to 80 โ„ƒ, allowing fine-tuned control over tissue processing. Additionally, the dripping time is adjustable within a range of 10-60 seconds along with an option to agitate/drip over the cup.

The equipment also features agitation frequency settings ranging from 0 to 6 times per minute. These features combine to provide exceptionally precise and careful tissue handling, essential for high-accuracy tissue analysis.

Tissue Protection Station and Power Supply

With the option to select any station from station 1 up to 7 as preset for tissue protection, the YR429 provides great flexibility for protecting and preserving the integrity of your samples. It can work with a voltage of AC220Vยฑ10% 50Hz (standard model); or AC110Vยฑ10% 60Hz and consumes around 500W of energy.

This model has been designed to be both powerful and energy-efficient, making it a valuable addition to laboratories concerned about their energy consumption without compromising their efficiency and work results.

Compact Design and Solid Performance

With its dimensions of 1055ร—480ร—495 mm (Widthร—Depthร—Height) and a net weight of 75kg, the Kalstein YR429 tissue processor has been designed to take up minimal space in the laboratory while delivering solid performance in all tissue processing operations.

In summary, the Kalstein YR429 Histological Tissue Processor for Laboratories combines precision, flexibility, and efficiency, with well-thought-out technical specifications and a robust construction. Built to meet the demands of any modern laboratory, this equipment represents excellence in tissue analysis.