The Laboratory Benchtop Spectrophotometer: Excelling in Technological Innovation

Recent advancements in science and technology have led to sophisticated laboratory instruments that enhance the precision and efficiency of numerous applications. Here, we will consider the benchtop spectrophotometer models of the Kalstein YR05477, YR05479, YR05482, and YR05483 series, which come with unique specifications to meet various laboratory practice needs.

Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05477: Resettable Versatility

At the forefront of technological evolution is the versatile Kalstein Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05477. Designed for Precision color analysis and transmission in laboratories, it is ideal for various industries including paint, inks, textiles, clothing, and more, providing unparalleled quality control in color transfer.

Its Reflect optical geometry incorporates diffused lighting with an 8ยฐ viewing angle, in both the SCI (specular component included) and SCE (specular component excluded) methods. This spectrophotometerโ€™s light source is combined LED, with a wavelength range of 360 nm to 780 nm, covering up to a reflective measurement of 0-200%. The image sensor is a dual matrix CMOS with 256 image elements, supplemented by a concave spectrophotometric grid. All these technical specifications work together to provide unsurpassed measurement precision.

Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05479: Designed for High Precision

The Kalstein Model YR05479 takes color analysis and control technology to a higher level, especially in the field of glass and plastic processing, film production, and analysis of liquid pharmaceutical products, among others. Its transmittance optical geometry complies with the standard CIE15 0/0 (parallel illumination, 0-degree viewing angle), confirming the ASTM D1003/1044, CIE No.15 regulations, among others.

As a light source, a 360~780nm combined LED lamp is used, alongside a dual matrix CMOS image sensor with 256 image elements for maximum performance. The spectral separation device is a concave grate and the measurement aperture for transmittance is ฮฆ25.4mm, allowing a reflectance range of 0~200%. Additionally, it has various color spaces and color difference formulas, achieving unsurpassed measurement precision.

Non-Contact Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05482: Innovation Overcoming Barriers

The Model YR05482 is designed for situations where direct contact with the sample could be problematic, for example, in liquids or powders. It meets the standards of CIE No.15, GB/T 3978, among others and has a measurement aperture of ฮฆ20mm.

The main innovation of this model is its distance adjustment system, which allows accurate measurement without requiring physical contact with the sample. This is achieved through manual and automatic adjustment, being able to store the test height. In addition, the sample location is done by a camera, ensuring accurate and effective measurement.

Non-Contact Benchtop Spectrophotometer Model YR05483: Defining the standards of the Future

The Model YR05483, like the YR05482, is designed for measures where contact with the sample may be unfavorable. Its features are similar to those of the above model, with the only difference being that the test height can be stored by manual adjustment, providing greater versatility.

The non-contact 45/0 benchtop spectrophotometer is crucial in industries such as cosmetics, fruits and vegetables, food hygiene, plastic electronics, paint and ink, printing, ceramics, and more, providing not only accurate color analysis in laboratories and R&D industries but also precise color measurement and cutting-edge quality control on automated production lines.