The Laboratory Universe: Technical specifications and features of Kalsteinโ€™s Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizer equipment

In the world of science and medicine, homogenization is a fundamental technique that allows samples to be broken down to their most basic state for more detailed analysis. In such a context, Kalstein Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizers are high-performance laboratory equipment that play a predominant role. This article will explore the technical specifications and features of these highly sophisticated models to provide an overview of their functionalities.

Discovering the Magic of the Laboratory Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizer

Modern laboratories need versatile and highly efficient instruments for their research. Laboratory Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizers from Kalstein are the unequivocal expression of this need. These ingenious devices use ultrasound waves for sample homogenization, an essential process in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular testing.

Models YR05832 to YR05836 exhibit an ultrasonic frequency range of 20 to 25 KHz. This range is best suited for efficient cell disruption without causing adverse effects such as overheating. The models are capable of a wide range of sample volumes, from 0.2 ml to 1200 ml, making it easy to optimize sample homogenization procedures.

Maximum adaptability for every laboratory need

It should be noted that these instruments feature optional variable amplitude levers, offering up to five different dimensions, and each model comes with a different size lever included. This allows unparalleled versatility, making available to the user a variety of cell and particle sizes that can be processed, from bacteria to mammalian cells and plant tissues.

The YR05833, YR05835 and YR05836 models have the additional feature of temperature control, which means that the appropriate temperature can be precisely calibrated and maintained for each homogenization process. This audible feature ensures that heat-sensitive samples are properly processed without denaturation of the biological components.

Technological advancement with models YR05837 to YR05839

Models YR05837 to YR05839 are the heavyweights in this category. With processing capacities from 50 ml to 3000 ml and ultrasonic power ranging from 650W to 1800W, these devices are made for high-performance work. The models have an ultrasonic mode that can be switched between pulse and continuous mode, allowing the equipment to be tailored to the specific needs of each sample.

In addition, they have a piezoelectric ceramic PZT lead zirconate titanate energy converter, which in practical terms translates into energy savings and increased efficiency in the delivery of energy through the ultrasound waves. The probes are made of TI-6AL-4V titanium alloy, which ensures strength and durability.

User comfort and versatility

As an additional feature, models YR05837 to YR05839 have timer, power regulation and LCD touch screen control. These units also include cabin lighting and lift table, which facilitates their use in varying conditions.

In summary, Kalsteinโ€™s Laboratory Ultrasonic Processor Homogenizer models are an unbeatable combination of adaptability, efficiency and ease of use. They are designed to meet a wide range of laboratory needs, from simple processes to highly complex and demanding tests. These instruments not only improve laboratory productivity, but also the quality and consistency of the results obtained. Kalstein ultrasonic processing equipment is undoubtedly a wise investment for any serious laboratory.