The new dimensions of detection: Kalstein’s portable UV Transilluminators

Laboratory instruments are advancing at a rapid pace, and in this ever-evolving scientific world, versatility and efficiency are essential elements. Kalstein’s UV transilluminators are a perfect example of these advances, providing fast, accurate results in a compact, easy-to-handle format.

The compact and portable YR06032

An ultra-portable transilluminator designed to provide maximum efficiency with a user-friendly design. With a volume of 270×78×110 (mm) and a weight of just 0.55 kg, the YR06032 has been carefully designed to facilitate simple and efficient use.

With a UV reflection wavelength of 254 and 365 nanometers, this model uses an 8W transmission UV lamp, with a reflection size of 200×50mm. It is perfect for the visualization of nucleic acids and proteins labeled with fluorescent dyes.

The powerful YR06031

Kalstein’s YR06031 UV transilluminator offers superior features, with a wavelength of 302 nm and a transmission UV lamp power of 8W. With a generous transmission size of 200×150mm, this model offers a larger area for sample viewing.

In addition, this model also features UV wavelength reflectance of 254 and 365 nanometers, with 11W lamp powers for both wavelengths. With a volume of 435×295×490 (mm) and a weight of 16.9 kg, this model is bulkier and heavier, but offers superior performance and maximum precision for accurate and detailed measurements.

The more balanced choice, YR06030

The YR06030 UV transilluminator offers the simplicity of the YR06032 model with a transmission size of 200x150mm and a wavelength of 302 nm equal to that of the YR06031.  With a transmission UV lamp power of 8W, this model offers a perfect balance between portability and performance.

With a volume of 325×265×150 (mm) and a weight of 4.6 kg, it is compact and easy to carry, yet with a generous transmission size for various applications.

Comparison and utility of Kalstein UV transilluminators.

Although each model has unique features, they all share a common purpose: the accurate visualization of fluorescently labeled nucleic acids and proteins. The YR06032 stands out for its portability, the YR06031 for its high power, and the YR06030 for its balance of both features.

All three models have similar transmitting lamp power and wavelengths that are effective for most laboratory applications. Despite differences in size and weight, all maintain high precision capability and efficiency, in line with the recognized quality of Kalstein products.

Kalstein UV transilluminators are the right choice for any laboratory, hospital or research facility that requires state-of-the-art equipment for accurate, fast and efficient scoping. Once again, Kalstein excels in providing the best in laboratory technology.