The Precision Laboratory Balance: A Detailed Analysis of the Kalstein Models

Precision balances are indispensable equipment in any laboratory or research department that handles the need to weigh substances with a high level of accuracy. At Kalstein, we offer you a wide range of high quality, high precision laboratory balances designed to meet all your weighing needs.

All Kalstein models, from the YR05584 to the YR05602, stand out for their accuracy and precision, ensuring the reliability of every measurement taken. But to understand their specific features, we detail their most relevant specifications.

YR05584-YR05587 models: Accuracy and versatility

The YR05584-YR05587 models of Kalstein Precision Laboratory Balances have capacities ranging from a minimum of 110g to a maximum of 610g. The main difference in these models lies in their readability capabilities, being 0.001g on some models, and 0.001g/0.01g on others.

This indicates the fine sensitivity with which the balance can detect and measure changes. To ensure the accuracy of measurements, the minimum weighing feature is added, ranging from 0.001g to 0.004g. Such repeatability, ranging from ยฑ0.002g to ยฑ2d, and linearity from ยฑ0.003g to ยฑ3d, reinforce the reliability of the results. Response times are less than 3 seconds and pan sizes are available in ร˜90mm and ร˜110mm.

YR05588-YR05593 models: Designed for higher capacity

The YR05588-YR05593 series promises more load capacity with scales ranging from 210g to as high as 3100g. They maintain a constant readability of 0.01g and repeatability of ยฑ0.02g for consistent accuracy in all measurements.

The pan size for this series is larger, with a diameter of ร˜130mm, perfect for larger objects. In addition, these models guarantee a linearity of ยฑ0.03g and an even faster response time of โ‰ค2 seconds, demonstrating exceptional performance.

YR05594-YR05599 models: Higher accuracy and improved response times.

Similar to the YR05588-YR05593 series, the YR05594-YR05599 series also boasts a capacity of 210g to 3100g. It maintains the same readability, repeatability and linearity characteristics as previous models, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The response time is just as fast, โ‰ค2 seconds, combining higher capacity with efficiency. These models also share the pan size of ร˜130mm.

YR05600-YR05602 models: Raising the bar at maximum capacity

The YR05600-YR05602 series takes Kalstein Precision Laboratory Balances to a new level in terms of capacity. This series allows weighing objects up to 5000g, adapting to the variety of needs in a laboratory environment. With the same readability of 0.01g, repeatability of ยฑ0.02g, and linearity of ยฑ0.03g, these models do not compromise on accuracy.

The response time is slightly longer, up to 3 seconds, which is probably related to their higher load capabilities. However, it is compensated by a larger pan size of 180x180mm, which makes weighing larger objects more convenient.

In general, all models of Kalstein Precision Laboratory Balances are designed to provide accurate and consistent measurement results, catering to the diverse demands of modern laboratories.