The versatility of benchtop laboratory freeze dryers: a guide to Kalstein models

As pioneers in laboratory technology, Kalstein has developed a variety of benchtop freeze dryer models, meeting the stringent standards and demands of the scientific and medical fields. Each model has been designed with precision, efficiency and versatility in mind.

Models include YR05187, YR05188, YR05189 and YR05189-1. Each has unique specifications designed to accommodate different laboratory needs. Everything from condenser capacity and temperature, to the freeze-drying zone and the way the device is cooled, has been meticulously designed to produce optimal results.

YR05187 and YR05189: Details and key differences

The YR05187 model provides a freeze-drying zone of 0.08ใŽก and a condenser capacity of 3-4L/24h, with a bulk capacity of 0.8L. The YR05189 shares these features, but also includes an 8-port manifold. Both models offer a vacuum rating of less than 10 Pa and operate with a draft air cooling system at an ambient temperature of 25 โ„ƒ or lower.

The two models differ in terms of vial capacity and material tray. While YR05187 can hold 560 pieces of ฮฆ12mm vial, 285 pieces of ฮฆ16mm vial and 165 pieces of ฮฆ22mm vial, YR05189 has the same capacity, but also has a flask varying between 100 and 1000 ml.

YR05188 and YR05189-1: Maximum efficiency and flexibility

In pursuit of greater versatility, the YR05188 model expands the freeze-drying zone to 0.12ใŽกย and features a 4-layer material tray. This model also increases the bulk capacity to 1.2L and improves the vial capacity, with the ability to hold up to 920, 480 and 260 vial pieces of the different sizes respectively. The YR05188 also offers a flask of various capacities from 100 to 1000 mL and an 8-port manifold for greater flexibility and efficiency.

The YR05189-1, on the other hand, accommodates the demands of different customized requirements. This model accommodates 24 ampoules through rubber-sealed valve and maintains condenser temperature at -55 โ„ƒ, with the option of a minimum of -80 โ„ƒ. This option, combined with a vacuum rating of less than 10 Pa, ensures optimal preservation and quality of lyophilized material.

Kalstein laboratory freeze dryers: Quality and precision guaranteed.

All Kalstein benchtop laboratory freeze dryers are designed to provide the best quality and precision during the freeze drying process. Whether you need high storage capacity, versatility of use or specific custom requirements, Kalstein models meet your needs with ease and efficiency, ensuring that each lyophilized sample maintains its integrity and characteristics.

Each freeze dryer is equipped with the latest technological advances to ensure constant temperature, vacuum stability throughout the process and an efficient cooling system, providing accurate and reliable results with every use. In addition, its compact benchtop design allows maximizing laboratory space without compromising performance.

The future of Kalstein benchtop laboratory freeze dryers

Kalstein benchtop laboratory freeze dryers are indispensable tools for any laboratory that needs to perform efficient and accurate freeze drying processes. Their high-quality designation, versatility and precision make the investment in any of these models unbeatable. Regardless of your requirements or specifications, Kalstein freeze dryers will deliver the superior results you expect from your investment.