The World of Medical Refrigeration: Kalstein Equipment at a Glance

Proper storage of biomedical samples, reagents and medications is essential in any laboratory or pharmacy. Kalstein, an industry benchmark, offers a wide variety of refrigeration solutions tailored to these critical needs. In this article, we will focus on three different refrigeration equipment models: the YR05320 368L free standing freezer, the YR05309 -40 degree upright cold room storage freezer, and the YR05094 blood bank refrigerator.

First, letโ€™s understand the importance of these equipment. Medical refrigeration is essential to preserve the integrity and efficiency of various temperature-sensitive materials, from blood banks to plasma samples. Storage safety and efficiency depend not only on temperature control, but also on ease of access, energy efficiency and equipment reliability.

Technical Description of Kalstein Refrigeration Equipmentย 

The 368L YR05320 powdered steel deep freezer model YR05320 is ideal for plasma storage in pharmacy stores. Its free standing design maximizes space, allowing for a large storage volume (368 liters). The unit features forced cooling and auto-defrost function. It is an energy-efficient option, with an energy consumption of only 6.31 kWh / 24 h. In addition, this equipment maintains a moderate noise level at 51.2 db.

On the other hand, the YR05309 358L upright freezer offers a temperature range that can reach down to -40 degrees. Unlike the previous model, this one uses direct refrigeration and has a manual defrost system. This freezer has a higher energy consumption, with an average of 16.5 kWh / 24 h, and also generates more noise, with a level of 53 db.

Finally, for the storage of products that require a more moderate temperature, the YR05094 Blood Bank Refrigerator is offered, which maintains a temperature range of 4 ยฑ 1 ยฐC, ideal for the preservation of blood. It has a large storage capacity thanks to its twelve shelves.

Similarities, Differences and Applications

Although the three models differ in their specifications, they all offer the high quality, efficiency and durability for which Kalstein is known in the industry. Aside from differences in capacity, temperature range and cooling type, all three models maintain admirable temperature stability, even in environments from 10 to 32 ยฐC (50 to 90 ยฐF).

Applications for these units are varied. The YR05320 is frequently used for storing plasma in pharmacies, while the YR05309, due to its ability to reach lower temperatures, is ideal for preserving samples that require deep freezing. On the other hand, the YR05094, which maintains a moderate temperature, is perfect for blood bank storage.

In conclusion, Kalstein offers a range of solutions to meet all medical refrigeration needs. Whether for the preservation of plasma, medical samples or blood banks, these units are capable of meeting the demands of any clinical environment.