How is a Sample Digested?

The digestion of samples is carried out through standard procedures for the preparation, by heating them, in transparent airtight containers, together with the acids necessary for the studies. For this, the Microwave Digestion equipment is used, where it applies usual parameters, such as temperature, which range between 220-240ยบC, depending on the sample that requires to be subjected to heat, generating partial or complete degradation of the sample.

In this way, it is also required reagents, being the most used nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide, causing digestion, the acid aqueous solution of the sample is obtained, which can be subsequently analyzed with spectroscopic techniques.

Digestion Processes of a Sample

Digestion of samples is a standard way in analytical chemistry, which is used for the preparation of samples of different analytical methods.

For industries where digestion systems are most used, it has to do with the sectors of agriculture, environment, plastics, petrochemicals, geochemicals, metals, ceramics among others, where the basic functions of the laboratory uses microwave digestion, which is required to obtain an analysis of the properties of the samples at elemental level.

The main objective is the oxidative loss of the sample matrix, to eliminate the substance to be determined, for further analysis. To this end, samples are usually brought to a boil with a high temperature acid.

The quality of the analysis depends mainly on sampling, mechanical preparation (washing, grinding) and sample chemistry (incineration, acid digestion), chemical analysis with different instrumental analysis and techniques. These are achieved by assimilating samples of different natures, with acidic mixtures in the same cycle. Therefore, when supplied with a single reaction device, it is possible to have an absolute record of the conditions under which digestion is being generated, with all samples in a common space.

Advantages of a Microwave Digester

The way in which a sample is dissolved depends especially on the nature of the sample, as well as the characteristics of the component to be determined. That is, in the case of determining the content of an element, in a heterogeneous sample, the microwave digester is used, which will focus on the solution placement of that compound, and make its corresponding determination.

Therefore, the digestion of samples, are used very often for the preparation of substances directed to schematic methods, such as:

  • Environmental analyzes, digestion of aqua regia for analysis of mineral and soil samples or determination of chemical oxygen demand (COD) in waste water.
  • In the food industry, digestion is used in the Kjeldahl analysis, for the determination of nitrogen and protein content in foodstuffs, or for the preparation of the sample for the determination of cyanide, e.g. in almonds or nuts.

Using the microwave digester, one of the main advantages, is the process that greatly simplifies, and becomes safer because it accurately controls the parameters of the processes, such as pressure, temperature and digestion time, which are especially suitable for the serial processing of samples.

Kalstein Microwave Digester

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