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At Kalstein, we understand the importance of high-quality veterinary surgical equipment in ensuring the well-being of animals during medical procedures. Our range of Veterinary Surgical Equipment is designed with precision and durability to meet the specific needs of veterinary professionals. From surgical instruments to anesthesia machines, we offer a comprehensive selection of tools to support safe and successful surgical interventions in animals of all sizes.

Our Veterinary Surgical Equipment is sourced from trusted manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence and innovation in the medical field. Whether you are a veterinary clinic, research facility, or educational institution, you can rely on Kalstein for top-notch surgical equipment that meets industry standards and regulations. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the tools you need to deliver exceptional care to your furry patients.

Types of Veterinary Surgical Equipment your veterinary clinic may need

Veterinary Surgical Tools

Within the category of Veterinary Surgical Equipment, the subcategory of Veterinary Surgical Instruments plays a crucial role in ensuring precision and efficiency during veterinary procedures. These instruments are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of veterinary surgeries, offering high-quality materials and ergonomic designs to facilitate accurate and safe operations. From scalpel handles to forceps and scissors, Veterinary Surgical Instruments are essential tools for veterinarians, providing them with the necessary means to perform delicate procedures with precision and care.

When selecting Veterinary Surgical Instruments, it is important to consider factors such as the intended use, durability, and ease of cleaning and sterilization. Investing in high-quality instruments not only ensures reliable performance but also promotes the well-being of the animals undergoing surgical procedures. Whether for routine spaying and neutering or more complex surgeries, having the right Veterinary Surgical Instruments at hand is essential for every veterinary practice to deliver optimal care and successful outcomes for their patients.

Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit

The Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit is an essential piece of equipment within the Veterinary Surgical Equipment category. This specialized device allows veterinarians to perform surgical procedures with precision and control, minimizing bleeding and tissue damage. The Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit is specifically designed for use in veterinary settings, ensuring the safety and well-being of animal patients during surgical interventions.

At Kalstein, we offer a wide range of Veterinary Electrosurgical Units that cater to the unique needs of veterinary practices. Our units are equipped with advanced features and technologies that enhance surgical outcomes and streamline procedures. With the Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit, veterinarians can perform a variety of surgical procedures with confidence and efficiency, making it a valuable addition to any veterinary clinic or hospital.

Veterinary Laparoscopy System

The Veterinary Laparoscopy System offered by Kalstein is a cutting-edge technology specifically designed for diagnosing and treating animals with precision and care. As a subcategory of Veterinary Surgical Equipment, this system provides veterinarians with the tools they need to perform minimally invasive procedures effectively. With top-quality optics and instruments, the Veterinary Laparoscopy System ensures clear visibility and precise movements during surgeries, enhancing the overall surgical experience for both the veterinarian and the animal.

Kalstein’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the Veterinary Laparoscopy System, which is known for its reliability and durability. This innovative equipment allows for quicker recovery times, reduced pain levels, and smaller incisions, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for animal patients. Veterinarians rely on this advanced system to deliver optimal care and ensure the well-being of their patients in a safe and efficient manner.


At Kalstein you can find the ideal Veterinary Surgical Equipment for your veterinary clinic

There are an infinite number of models, so it’s normal that you don’t know which Veterinary Surgical Equipment to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them to find what you are looking for.

Vessel Sealing Generator (LigaSure) YR06131

The clinical efficacy, consistency and reliability of YR06131 is delivered through a variety of instruments for use in both laparoscopic and open procedures. Across ...

Veterinary Portable Surgery Diode Laser Systems YR06133 โ€“ YR06134

The new portable surgery diode laser system is the best value on the market today. Small size body case with 15W power this mi...

Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit YR06132

Pure cut: with maximum output power value up to 300W, applicable for any tissue for cutting; Blend cut: applicable to any tissue with slight homeostasis effect; Fulgura...

Medical Loups (Goggle Type) YR06124

Lightweight fashion frame, beautiful shape Large field of view, long depth of field, high resolution Quickly adjust position, pupil distance and Angle Standard for gla...

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Analysis of the best Veterinary Surgical Equipment for your veterinary clinic

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Guidelines for you to become an expert in Veterinary Surgical Equipment

The Veterinary Surgical Equipment equipment are essential products in your veterinary clinic, we provide you with guidance and recommendations for a better use, so you can work like an expert.

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Innovation in the Operating Room: Types of Veterinary Surgical Equipment

Veterinary bone drills are tools consistently mentioned in the veterinary surgical sphere due to their remarkable efficiency. This equipment, commonly supplied by reliable manufacturers such as Kalstein, shows powerful precision in bone drilling. Its complex design ensures the protection of surrounding soft tissues, thus minimizing the chances of iatrogenic injuries. Despite its relevant role, the purchase of this device may entail a considerable cost, emphasizing the need to seek affordable prices.

Frequently asked questions from our customers about Veterinary Surgical Equipment

To know the price of the veterinary surgical equipment we invite you to send us an email with your request using the contact form. HERE!

The delivery time of your Kalstein product will depend on the following:

  1. Whether the equipment you are interested in is in stock or if it needs to be manufactured.
  2. The type of freight you have chosen, which can be either air or sea.
  • Equipment in stock:

– Delivery Time (Air): 15-30 days.

– Delivery Time (Sea): 45-60 days.

  • Equipment not in stock:

– Delivery Time (Air): 30-60 days.

– Delivery Time (Sea): 60-90 days.

You can make your purchase through:

  1. By email: sales@kalstein.eu
  2. By phone: +33 (0) 1 70 39 26 50
  3. Online shopping: Through the official Kalstein website in your country.
All Kalstein equipment comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper installation or operation by the user, transportation defects, or uses other than those specified by the manufacturer. The warranty excludes electrical parts or consumables. For more information, visit our terms and conditions by clicking HERE.

At Kalstein, we provide our customers with inductions and technical support through new online methods. You can visit our induction videos, technical assistance, and guidance provided by a Kalstein team through our Youtube channel (Kalstein English). HERE
Certainly, you can request a quotefor the Kalstein equipment you’re interested in,directlyfrom our official website.Once you have identified the model of your preference, click HERE

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