Pathological Anatomy

Histopathology is a branch of pathology that addresses the diagnosis of diseases through the analysis of tissues, integrating both their macroscopic and microscopic characteristics. It plays a leading role in clinical diagnosis since the analysis of the morphology of the cell allows to determine with greater precision the pathological alteration that affects the tissue and, therefore, to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Specifically, in clinical medicine, histopathology refers to the examination of a biopsy or surgical sample by a pathologist, after the sample has been processed and histological sections have been placed on glass slides.

Pathology equipment that a Laboratory may need

Cooling plate

This process is that the cold wax allows the operator to make thinner sections, which will be achieved by providing support for the harder elements within the tissue sample. You may be wondering why cooling paraffin blocks makes the process easier. Well, it turns out that when a small amount of moisture from the melted ice gets into the block, the fabric is much easier to cut.

Paraffin wax sections are a very delicate area in a histology laboratory. Most specialists recommend setting the proper temperature from the cooling plates, in order to cool the paraffin blocks, so that they do not have cracks in the cutting process. When a block of paraffin is completely cracked, it becomes a useless sample.

Microtomes series

  • The upper part of the machine is a microcomputer control part and panel operation, temperature display, and working status display part.
  • The middle part is a low-temperature freezer, which is the part for quick freezing of biopsy tissue and sectioning operation.
  • The lower part is the refrigeration part of the compressor unit.
  • The middle and rear parts are mechanical transmission and motor drive parts.

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Automatic slide staining YR435-1

Electronic module design. The stainer meets the requirements of conventional staining or special staining...


Fabric Processor YR427 (Small Type)

This device features a sturdy housing with aerodynamic design coated with APS with high corrosion...


Biological tissue freeze embedding machine

The interface layout is reasonable, the working status icon is displayed, the button LED indicates, the working...


Fully automated slide staining YR436-1

Low-noise and wear-resistant flexible transmission system using imported high-quality materials and elements...


Our best-selling Pathological Anatomy Equipment

Manual Rotary Microtome integrates internationally advanced technology and design, and is equipped with high-precision roller guide rails to ensure high precision operation. With stable performance, comfortable and flexible operation, and minimized abrasion, this product can produce even high-quality continuous sections, comparable to that of the well-known imported brand; thus, it is an ideal device for histological and pathological use.

Analysis of the best Pathology equipment for your Laboratory

Slide Dryer Benefits

The slide dryer is a useful tool for the study of pathology. It is a device used to fix the slides vertically...


What is histopathology?

Histopathology is a branch of pathology that addresses the diagnosis of diseases through the analysis ...


What is a tissue processor?

Pathological anatomy is the science that is responsible for the study of pathophysiological and morphological...


What is forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology is a specialty that applies the methods, techniques and knowledge of pathological anatomy and ...


Guides to Becoming an Expert in Pathological Anatomy

Pathology equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we put at your disposal guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert...

Pathological anatomy: microtomes and cryostats

Pathological anatomy is a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of a disease. That...

What are the equipment used in a pathology labtech?

In a technical laboratory of pathological anatomy different services are performed that perform activities, this service.

Processor of tejidos and inclusor of  tejidos 

The tissue processor is a piece of equipment used in pathological anatomy and in histology laboratories to remove...

What does a pathologist do? What is a pathology laboratory?

A pathologist is a doctor who specializes in pathological anatomy, a science that studies the pathophysiological and morphological alterations of the disease, that is, it studies the disease from its organic, tissue, cellular, subcellular, and molecular level...

Microtome running

This area of medicine studies the morphological basis of the disease, that is, it is based on direct observation of the organ suffering from a disease, laboratories that are dedicated to this area carry out certain research methods such as microscopic observation based on histological, histochemical, electron microscope, immunohistochemical techniques, and more recently, of molecular techniques of special application in the pathology of cancer.

This type of laboratory is characterized by the absence of direct contact with the patient, although it is undoubtedly the specialty to which all physicians who need a diagnosis to establish a treatment to the pathological symptoms presented by the patient are directed; the result of this is an anatomopathological report that is generated by integrating the information obtained through the examination of tissue or cell samples that are made in the laboratory of pathological anatomy with different procedures, with the clinical information of the patient.

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