Sterilization is defined as the process by which any microorganism, including bacterial spores, is completely destroyed in a material or instrument. It can be achieved through the use of different methods, but the most commonly used in the field of dentistry, is wet heat sterilization, which is done by using an autoclave.

The gas autoclave is a type that uses the heat of steam to sterilize instruments. Most autoclaves use a mixture of water and compressed air to generate steam, although there are also some models that use nitrogen.

Types of Autoclaves a Lab may need

Horizontal Autoclave

This equipment is indispensable in laboratories, clinics and surgical centers, as it is a fast, compact, versatile sterilizer; It is designed with high technology and cost-effectiveness, while offering operational efficiency and easy maintenance; the advantages of the autoclave lie mainly in the detoxification and sterilization of the material used in surgical treatments or research material; its primary function is as a sterilizing agent by treating water vapor at high temperature to destroy any microorganism found in the material.

The applications of this equipment are so extensive, they are present in different areas and industries; therefore it is essential that the operator know how to handle it, know its parts and especially its maintenance, in this way extend the useful life of the equipment; the autoclave is necessary in any medical field, not only to treat laboratory material but also surgery, inspection or treatment.

Vertical Autoclave

  • Automatically controlled bymicroprocessor, LCD display of working status, touch type key.
  • Dynamically showed the temperature, pressure, time, vacuum rate, drying, alarm, water level, and the full cycle.
  • Fully automatically route for adding water, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilizing, draining, exhausting, vacuum drying.
  • Unique pulse vacuum drying procedure is designed, and the residue moisture of instrument less than 0.2% .
  • The vacuum rate can reach -0.081Mpa, it fits various instruments, including packed, unpacked, dressings, solid, A, B type hollow whether multi-apertures or inset pipes.

In Kalstein you can find the ideal Autoclaves for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which autoclave to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Pressure Steam Autoclave With  Drying YR05655

YR05655 // YR05660 series vertical pressure steam autoclave is the equipment that disinfects and sterilizes...


Digital Display Pressure Steam Vertical Autoclave YR05676

Microprocessor control, digital display of working status: pressure, time, temperature, error code, touch...


Horizontal Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave Automatic Vertical

series horizontal pressure steam autoclave is the equipment that disinfects and sterilizes the objects with...


Tabletop Autoclave Class B  YR03387 // YR03390 

ully automatic tabletop autoclave, triple fractionated pre-vacuum, works with a precision method controlling...


Our best-selling Autoclave

  • The Plasma sterilizer takes H2O2 as sterilizing agent and form plasmatic state of H2O2 by electromagnetic field under low temperature. It combines both gaseous and plasmatic H2O2 to make sterilization for the items in chamber and decomposes the residual H2O2 after sterilization

    It is widely used in CSSD or other medical institute for the sterilization of electric wire and cable, optical glasses and glass lens, power equipment and batteries, endoscopes, catheter nonmetallic and other wet or heat sensitive instruments. Metal tubular instrument: inner diameterโ‰ฅ1mm, length โ‰ค500mm. Nonmetal tubular instrument: inner diameterโ‰ฅ1mm, length โ‰ค2000mm

     Low temperature sterilization

    The sterilization temperature is 50ยฑ5โ„ƒ which is much lower than steam sterilization. It is dry sterilization that has no harm on instrument. so it extends the device service life.

Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory

Dental autoclaves: How to choose the right one?

Sterilization of dental instruments. It is a very important factor in dental clinics. This important process is carried...


  What is an autoclave with drying?   

An autoclave is essentially a pressure vessel that uses steam pressure as a sterilizing agent. By increasing...


What is an autoclave?

An autoclave is a piece of equipment used to sterilize medical or laboratory material, using steam under pressure and temperature as sterilizing agents... 


what are its parts and maintenance required?

This equipment is indispensable in laboratories, clinics and surgical centers, as it is a fast, compact, versatile...


Analysis of the best Autoclaves for your Laboratory


Guides to becoming an Autoclave expert

Autoclaves are essential products in a laboratory and / or hospital, we put at your disposal guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Protocols for dental sterilization with the use of the Gas Autoclave

In the field of health, sterilization is a process that eliminates all living organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi...

What are the dental instruments that are sterilized with the Gas autoclave

Sterilization is defined as the process by which any microorganism, including bacterial spores, is completely destroyed ...

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An autoclave is a cylindrical instrument, vertical or horizontal, designed to work with a high internal pressure, and used...

How does the Gas Autoclave for Food Conservation work?

The autoclave is a hermetic equipment designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures in the disinfection at commercial level of glass, metal and plastic containers, conditioned for the food sector, laboratory, pasteurization and sterilization of finished products. ...

Autoclave in Operation

An autoclave is essentially a pressure vessel that uses steam pressure as a sterilizing agent. By increasing the pressure (above atmospheric pressure) the steam can reach higher temperatures. The additional pressure increases the boiling temperature of the water. Actually, about 20 ยฐ C more. This effectively increases its heat content and its ability to kill. This comes from its latent heat of evaporation.

The latest generation of autoclaves, known as "pre-vacuum generation", adds chamber preheating, steam injection, 3 pre-vacuum phases and closed-door vacuum drying: a technological "revolution" that changes parameters in the safety of professionals and patients, which is why they are known as drying autoclaves.

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