What is an ultrasonic cleaner used for

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that effectively cleans sensitive items or hard-to-reach areas, removing dirt and bacteria that other cleaning devices fail to remove. They are usually formed by a container, in which the object or objects to be treated are introduced, immersed in a special liquid through which the high frequency waves propagate, generating an effect called acoustic cavitation through which optimal cleaning is achieved.

They are used in the medical, pharmaceutical, sports, automotive, aesthetic and engineering industries, because they provide a deep and gentle cleaning of the objects, with the total security of eliminating the smallest residue in an efficient and ecological way, in a short time, obtaining an unequaled cleaning compared to other cleaning methods.

Benefits of an ultrasonic cleaner

These equipment mainly allow a deep and complete cleaning in different materials that are usually complex to clean like steel, aluminum, copper, rubber and some plastics. The benefits of using ultrasonic cleaner include:

  • It’s an eco-friendly cleaning system.
  • They clean deep.
  • Disinfects and sterilizes.
  • Simple to use.
  • They are safe and fast systems
  • It lengthens the useful life of the materials.

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

An ultrasonic cleaner works through the acoustic cavitation process, which is formed when the equipment bucket is started, causing and rapidly expanding ultrasonic waves or bubbles through the liquid. These bubbles grow, move very fast and explode releasing energy that separates dirt from the material’s surface. In other words, this equipment uses ultrasound waves ranging from 20 to 400 kHz, thus generating vibrations that loosen the debris and dirt accumulated in the objects being cleaned.

Ultrasound cleaning fluids contain compounds designed to make ultrasound cleaning more effective. They usually have detergents, moisturizers and other components, which improve the cleaning process. Among these liquids we find:

  • Decarbonizing liquid, for engines and their components.
  • Ultrasonic stripper fluid.
  • Cleaning fluid for the removal of inks.
  • Ultrasonic degreaser.
  • Ultrasound sanitizer. These are used, for cleaning molds in the food industry, or to remove remnants of surgical material.

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