What technology does a lab freeze-drier use?

Freeze-drying is a laboratory process that has novel applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, it is carried out in a laboratory instrument called freeze-drying that is used to stabilize, store or increase the shelf life of sensitive biological materials.

Through the use of this equipment it is possible to remove water from sensitive biological products without damaging their chemical structure. This allows them to be easily stored and reconstituted later by adding water or solvents. Through the use of a freeze-drier, sensitive, unstable or heat-sensitive materials can be preserved without damaging their physical structure. This also allows biological products to be handled easily without risk of contamination and transported at low cost, since there is no need for conventional refrigeration or freezing.

How does a lab lyophilizer work?

A lyophilizer is a laboratory instrument used when you want to preserve products, because it allows to remove moisture through cold drying. The material to be lyophilized is introduced into the equipment, where very low temperatures are handled, usually below – 40°C. With a vacuum pump, the pressure in the equipment is reduced.

Having lowered the temperature the organic water or solvent freezes. Subsequently, when the pressure is lowered, the water that is in solid state is steamed into the process known as sublimation.

Technology used by a laboratory lyophilizer

A laboratory freeze-drier works through a technology known as freeze-drying to lower the product’s temperature unless it’s frozen, and then a high-pressure vacuum is applied to extract the water in the form of steam. The vapor accumulates in the condenser, turns back into ice, and is removed. Finally, a gradual temperature rise removes all remaining “bound” moisture from the product. This process retains the physical structure and preserves the material for storage and/or transport.

Laboratory freeze dryers are currently specially designed to meet the demands of freeze drying in the research and development phase of the increasingly demanding laboratories. As any equipment, its operation must be based on a set of principles to meet the highest international standards. There is now a high range of laboratory lyophilizers ranging from small desktops to sophisticated pilots.

Structure of a lyophilizer

  • Dry Chamber: Here the element that will freeze-dry inside the dry chamber is positioned, which is generally transparent, and allows to visually monitor the whole process. At this stage all water vapor containing the sample is released.
  • Condenser: Subsequently, the condenser with cooling circuit generates the sublimation of the water vapor released. This will result in a drop in temperature between -50°C and -125°C.
  • Vacuum system: By means of a vacuum pump, the produced vapors are removed to prevent them from damaging the sample. This pump is also indispensable in the first two stages of the process, maintaining an optimal environment for the proper realization of the lyophilization.

Advantages of using a lyophilizer

  • You generate products that can regenerate very quickly.
  • The shape and characteristics of the final product are essentially the original.
  • It is an ideal process for drying thermolabile substances.
  • Oxidable constituents are protected.
  • The final moisture content is very low.
  • Lyophilized products can be stored for long periods of time with retention of the physical, chemical, biological and organoleptic properties of their original states.
  • Lyophilization decreases quality losses caused by chemical reactions, by enzymatic and non-enzymatic degradation.
  • Oxidation processes can be controlled by storing lyophilized products in oxygen-impermeable containers.
  • Storage of lyophilized products in places with low temperatures prevents protein denaturation.

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