Laboratory Shakers: a detailed description of the Kalstein branded models

Laboratory shakers are fundamental equipment in the field of medicine and science. They serve as essential tools for sample processing and analysis in various applications, such as biomedical research, analytical chemistry and microbiology. Among the available brands, Kalstein stands out for creating superior quality products. Kalstein’s shaker models are appreciated for their exceptional efficiency and functionality.

These models are noted for their superior performance, advanced features and durability. Their rugged construction and ease of use make them an excellent choice for any medical or research laboratory. At the heart of their design is efficiency and commitment to accurate results, making them a valuable investment for laboratories of all sizes and specialties.

Features of Kalstein Laboratory Shakers

Kalstein YR series laboratory shakers exhibit advanced technological features and superior design. They feature adjustable stirring speeds that allow for greater precision during testing. They are distinguished by their robust and rugged construction that ensures durability, even under demanding working conditions.ย 

These shakers feature clear, easy-to-read LCD displays that show speed and operating time. In addition, they offer a programmable time option that allows for automatic operations without requiring constant supervision. The series also features quiet and stable operation, which minimizes distractions in a laboratory environment.

Using Kalstein Laboratory Shakers

Thanks to their intuitive design, the laboratory shakers are easy to use. Users can quickly adjust shaking speeds according to the specific needs of the job. The programmable time function also allows users to set specific operating times for each experiment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at all times.ย 

One of the highlights of the Kalstein series is their ability to maintain constant agitation, providing more accurate and reliable results. They ensure uniform agitation regardless of the load, which is crucial to avoid experimental errors.

Applications of Kalstein Laboratory Stirrers

Kalstein shakers have a wide range of applications in various fields. In molecular biology, for example, they are used to mix DNA and RNA solutions during the extraction process. In biochemistry, they help to facilitate the suspension of cells in culture.ย 

In the field of microbiology, these shakers are useful for keeping cells in suspension during bacterial counting procedures. In addition, they are used in the field of chemistry to mix substances and facilitate chemical reactions. They are also essential in sample preparation for clinical analysis, where uniform mixing of samples is crucial for accurate results.ย 

Kalstein Stirrer Modelsย 

Orbital shaker -YR06055: Speed: 40-200rpm for all models, Digital panel with speed and time control, Working tray size 25X25cm/32X32cm, with maximum load 5KG, Continuous operation and timed operation range 1min-23h59min, Brushless DC motor, safe, long life and maintenance free. Quiet and stable operation.

YR05005 Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer: YR Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer has brushless DC motor to drive oscillation, which can process 50 samples at a time. Various accessories can be selected to meet the mixing needs of different specifications of test tubes. Widely used in radioimmunoassay and other experiments requiring mixed operation and common equipment of biochemistry, chemistry laboratory, hospital.

Mini Vortex Mixer YR06042 – YR06043: Smart and portable / Touch to throw / Brushless motor / Stepless speed regulation, Can mix whatever you want, such as nail polish, eyelash adhesives, paints, glues, tattoo ink, pigments and other difficult liquids. Applicable to nail salons, beauty salons, artist studios, tattoo stores, schools, businesses and home use. Suitable for centrifuge tube, Eppendorf tube and so on.

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