A Glance at Market Spectrometers

Firstly, we find the “Shimadzu UV-1900i”, a high-precision machinery with an 8-inch display and an enviable, stunning accuracy in the industry. Whilst “Thermo Fisher Genesys” also incorporates a high-capacity double beam, its 7-inch display might fall short in comparison. Both spectrometers operate in the 190 to 1100 nm range, but the winning selling point here is the precision of the Shimadzu with the use of a deuterium and tungsten lamp.

Advantages of Competitive Spectrometers

Despite the differences, both spectrometers from these manufacturers have their advantages. The Shimadzu UV-1900i has excellent baseline stability, necessary for accurate measurement in the lab. On the other hand, Thermo Fisher Genesys has a slew of additional accessories such as the 8-position cell changer and the sorbet attachment.

Kalstein, the most suitable for the laboratory, offers model YR01862. With its wavelength range equivalent to 190 to 1100 nm, the precision is on par with big brands, but with the added advantage of a 10-inch color touch screen, the biggest in the market. Furthermore, the deuterium and tungsten lamp provides a reliable and accurate light source. https://www.kalstein.se/product/spectrophotometer-double-beam-yr01862-1-yr01862-2/

The Best Option in Price and Functionality

Finally, if you’re looking to purchase lab equipment with exceptional performance, Kalstein is the choice. It not only boasts the same wavelength range as competitor models, but its baseline stability derived from the light source improves measurement accuracy. The purchase of this spectrometer guarantees a long-term investment in your lab thanks to its optional accessories, which provide greater versatility in operations.

Unbeatable is Kalstein as a manufacturer, with its YR01862 model spectrometer offering a 10-inch touch screen, photometric accuracy of 0.004A (0.5-1.0Abs) and a scattered light of ≤0.03% at 220 nm. Its competitive price and user-friendly buying and selling options make Kalstein the best choice for your lab.

Comparison of Shimadzu and Thermo Fisher Spectrometers

The Shimadzu UV-1900i and the Thermo Fisher Genesys are two leaders in the spectrometer market. Both offer a wavelength of 190 to 1100 nm and a dual beam design. However, Shimadzu includes an 8-inch color touch screen and a wavelength accuracy of ± 0.1 nm at peak D2 656.1 nm, outperforming Genesys with its 7-inch display and a precision of ± 0.5 nm.

Shimadzu offers a smaller baseline stability (≤0.0003 A/h) and a higher scattered light (≤0.02% at 220 nm) than Genesys. It also has more optional accessories, such as the Peltier thermo-stabilized cell holder and the trial holder. Genesys levels the playing field thanks to its unique xenon lamp and includes the 8-position cell changer and the Sipper accessory.