A Look at the Technical Specifications

When it comes to choosing optimal laboratory equipment, technical details are vital. Kalstein, a renowned manufacturer in the medical and research field, has introduced its YR01862/YR01862-1/YR01862-2 model. This dual beam device with a wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm, stands out for its reliability and precision.

Examining the Control System and Lighting Resources

The Kalstein unit features a Deuterium lamp and a tungsten lamp as light sources. Conversely, Thermo Fisherโ€™s Genesys uses a Xenon lamp. This marks a significant difference in durability and light emission consistency.

Double Beam spectrophotometer YR01862-1 -YR01862-2:


  1. Data processing: these units use a powerful microprocessor for fast data processing.
  2. Spectral range: they cover a wide wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm.
  3. Monochromator: the diffractive holographic grating technology ensures high precision and low baseline deviation.
  4. Light source: A tungsten lamp and a deuterium lamp are used to provide a stable light source.
  5. Operation: the design of the silicon keyboard makes operation easy.

Also highlighted is the 10-inch color touch control integrated by Kalstein, offering a superior user experience compared to the 7-inch touch screen used by Thermo Fisher.

Evaluating the Accuracy of the Measurements

When it comes to laboratory equipment, precision is essential. Kalstein offers better wavelength accuracy (ยฑ 0.1 nm at the D2 peak at 656.1 nm), compared to Thermo Fisherโ€™s Genesys offering an accuracy of ยฑ 0.5 nm. Likewise, baseline stability is superior in the Kalstein model, ideal for tests requiring consistency in measurements over time.

โ€œThermo Fisher Genesysโ€ spectrophotometer

  1. Data processing: Thermo Scientificโ„ข INSIGHTโ„ข software allows excellent data management, assisting in baseline correction, addition of spectra, peak quantification, etc.
  2. Spectral range: varies according to models, but generally, the Genesys series ranges from 190 to 1100 nm.
  3. Monochromator: uses a diffraction grating monochromator to achieve high performance across the entire wavelength range.
  4. Light source: Halogen and deuterium lamps to ensure high intensity and long life span.
  5. Operation: high definition color touch screen (7 inches) for intuitive and quick navigation through all spectroscopic functions.

Kalstein, a Quality Option

Beyond the basic specifications, optional accessories can enhance the functionality of the equipment. The Kalstein model offers a wide range of accessories, including an 8-position automatic cell changer and a test tube holder, providing the user with the versatility that may not be found in other brands.

In summary, when comparing the technical specifications of Kalstein and Thermo Fisher models, Kalstein manufacturer offers a number of significant advantages that could determine the purchasing choice. In terms of user control, measurement accuracy, and the variety of optional accessories, Kalstein emerges as the leader. Additionally, their prices and sales conditions are competitive, making it a high-quality choice for laboratories seeking durable, precise, and reliable equipment.