Electric climb stairs wheelchair YR05446

Manufacturer:ย Kalstein


Electric climb stairs wheelchair YR05446, turns dreams into reality; with this unique device, you can explore the world like never before and bring a new taste to your everyday routines! The YR05446 wheelchair can help you climb stairs, overcome obstacles, and travel in any direction by using the one joystick on the side of the wheelchair.They are extremely popular because theyโ€™re easy to use and spare the users from having to use their arms to propel the chair. It also makes them less dependent on another person. These chairs are meant for everyone and can be especially useful for people with more serious disabilities who canโ€™t propel a manual chair. The newest designs come with some amazing features such as a speech device, various controls, options to adapt the body position, and more.


Electric climb stairs wheelchair YR05446, long-range, lithium wheelchair is the best stair-climbing wheelchair overall. It comes with a big lithium battery and is three times faster than other power wheelchairs. It also works well on all kinds of stairs regardless of the texture.

Technical Description
Model YR05446
Frame Aluminum alloy
Battery 18Ah lithium battery
Wheel size 8 & 12 inches
Net weight 38kg
Max loading 150kg
Climb/Descent three-speed
Climbing ability 500 stair steps
Stair width required > 700mm
Stair slope required <45 ยฐ
Stair depth required 1100mm
Product size 98*65*125cm
Folding size 110*65*35cm
Seat width 43cm
Seat depth 45cm
Cushion Breathable sponge
Color Black/Yellow/Red

Additional information

Weight 89,00 kg
Dimensions 71 × 121 × 77 cm

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