CO2 incubator: Recommendations and care

A CO2 incubator is a laboratory equipment that is also called a gasification incubator, and is used to carry out the development of cell and tissue cultures through a natural atmosphere. This culture of living organisms in vitro is one of the main applications of CO2 incubators. That is why these devices are widely used in medical research and in the pharmaceutical industry in: manufacturing of tissue engineering products, in vitro fertilization, diagnostic medicine, cancer research.

Characteristics of a CO2 incubator

  • They are perforated on the side to improve the uniformity of the equipment.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • ULPA filters, with a high degree of efficiency, superior to HEPA filters.
  • Air jacket that improves the stability of the chamber.
  • Leveling feet with easy adjustment.
  • Blower with a gentle air stream in the chamber, which improves recovery and uniformity in the equipment.
  • Quick and uniform heating.

Recommendations when using a CO2 incubator

Next, we will show you the main recommendations for maintenance, although each manufacturer has its own recommendations:

  • Avoid using flammable materials inside the incubator, because inside this equipment there are components considered sources of ignition.
  • Do not allow acid solutions to spill inside the incubator, as the internal components of the incubator will deteriorate.
  • Avoid the incubation of substances that produce corrosive fumes.
  • Use biosecurity implements when using the incubator.
  • Calibrate the incubator at its place of installation to check its uniformity and stability.
  • Periodically check the temperature of the equipment. This is important to do especially at the beginning and end of work on it, with the help of a thermometer.
  • Check and record any disagreement presented in the incubator. And ensure compliance with corrective actions.

Caring for a CO2 incubator

  • Equipment cleaning should be done with the incubator turned off, unplugged and with the internal chamber at room temperature.
  • The cleaning products used are not abrasive, they must have a neutral pH. And they should be employed in easily accessible areas both internal and external.
  • Avoid contact or spillage with the electrical components of the equipment.

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