How are muffles used in scientific research?

Scientific research is a rigorous process, because it leads to the acquisition of new knowledge through study. As its main function, scientific research is responsible for explaining, understanding, predicting and describing facts and behaviors. This process answers questions and tests previously established hypotheses.

On the other hand, the muffle is an oven used in laboratories and, thanks to its design, it is able to work with very high temperatures. This equipment was originally used in pottery for the smelting and heating of metals, in order to improve their qualities of elasticity or hardness, and thus shape them. Later, its use was extended in different areas until now having the laboratory muffle, used in different branches of science such as, for example, chemistry and biology.

In laboratories the muffle is used to calcinate elements, to remove moisture, carbon dioxide or to oxidize a substance. They are also used in gravimetric analysis, which have the function of determining the elements and proportions that have the compounds of a sample.


The muffle is a laboratory furnace used to perform procedures that need a uniform exposure of high temperatures. They are used to calcinate substances and melt them, among other control processes. They are also used for heat treatment of cleaning and hardening injection molds.

The muffle consists of a closed chamber, made of refractory material. This consists of a door, through which you access the interior of the cooking chamber, where there is located a hole to observe and introduce probes for the verification and recording of the temperature inside the muffle. On the roof side, there is a hole where gases come out of the chamber and the walls are designed with insulating thermal plates.

Importance of the muffle in scientific research

The muffle is a laboratory instrument used mainly in the field of science. It is also used in the industrial environment for the production of metals and other applications that require the use of high temperatures. There are some considerations that must be taken into account when using a muffle and is that, because it is a device that reaches very high temperatures, the materials introduced into it become extremely hot and can give off dangerous vapors, so the operator must always wear the appropriate clothing when using this equipment, so as not to cause irreparable damage.

On the other hand, the mule has great utility in scientific research, since, although there is a great variety of equipment that help to dry, sterilize and calcinate, it is the mule that is most necessary to operate with high temperatures. The use of the muffle is important for ecological studies because of its usefulness for drying biological samples, until converting them to ash. In the area of chemistry it is used for the execution of solid state reactions.

Prevents for the use of muffles

In a laboratory, the mule burns substances, dries them and melts them. This apparatus consists of a closed chamber made of refractory material, capable of temperatures exceeding 1200 °C. Due to the fact that it is a team that works with high temperatures, people who use it must take certain preventive measures to avoid accidents. The following are precautions to take when using a mule:

  • Wear gloves and apron.
  • Use eye protection.
  • Do not touch the surface of the mule if it has been used previously.
  • Do not introduce samples with flammable chemicals that cause an explosive atmosphere.
  • Check the temperature control on the thermostat.
  • Use containers according to the temperature reached, so that there is no risk of rupture of these.
  • Have the differential switch installed properly.
  • Have preventive muffle maintenance.

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