How does a plasma centrifuge work?

Plasma centrifuges are very useful laboratory tools that use centrifugal force to separate white, red, and platelet cells from a blood sample; plasma is the fluid of blood, so this machine allows it to be removed and separated for later use.

A plasma centrifuge begins with removing an amount of blood from an individual; the amount of blood required for a plasma centrifuge can range from a few milliliters to about 100 milliliters, depending on the laboratory target.

How it works and what is the process that performs a plasma centrifuge

So the blood sample is deposited in a container, preferably sterile; after that, the container is placed in the centrifuge; this centrifuge is equipped with a tool that generates a centrifugal force that rotates at a higher speed than one expects, which can reach up to thousands of RPM or turns per minute.

This force may vary depending on the amount of blood sample; if the amount of sample is smaller, the rate should be lower; during the spinning process, the plasma centrifuge separates white and red blood cells, as well as blood cells called platelets, which are also needed for different medical procedures.

Centrifuge process for separation of blood cells and plasma

When centrifuged at high speed, red blood cells move to the bottom of the container, while white blood cells and platelets remain on top.

Once the plasma has been separated from the blood cells, the plasma can be removed from the container for later use, resulting in the same process as what is traditionally done to obtain plasma.

Benefits of using plasma centrifuges for medical specialists as it reduces the potential for human error in the process

This technique has become very popular in recent years as it offers great benefits and comfort; first of all, a significantly smaller amount of blood is needed for a procedure that uses plasma centrifugation, this means that the amount of blood needed for the extraction process is significantly lower compared to traditional methods.

In addition, the process of plasma centrifugation turns out to be much more efficient, the separation of blood cells turns out to be more accurate, since the process is more controllable.

Plasma centrifuges are a simple process for specialists, and the results are accurate and reliable

Another important benefit is spinning time, which takes a significantly shorter amount of time to produce the desired results, plasma centrifuges are a very useful laboratory tool and an increasingly popular technique.

In conclusion, centrifuges offer great benefits over traditional methods and can be an invaluable tool for modern laboratories, this makes plasma centrifugation an excellent choice for health professionals.

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