Hotplates and Hotplate Stirrers

A heating plate in the laboratory is a very useful piece of equipment. Its main use is to keep containers containing materials at a uniform temperature, as these containers are often located in different areas of the laboratory with different temperatures. This is especially important when it comes to mixing or handling chemicals.

Another common application is the process of performing a chemical reaction, often requiring high temperatures for the reaction to occur. Therefore, heating plates are often used to heat reagents to the appropriate temperature.

At Kalstein we have the right heating plate for the laboratory, thanks to its secondary thermal insulation plate prevents heat loss and eliminates heat damage to electronic components, adjustable temperature and rotation speed.

Types of Heating Plate a Lab May Need

Magnetic Stirrer With Hotplate YR02951

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over gear-driven motorized stirrers...


Constant Temperature Digital Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate

Magnetic stirrers// are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over gear-driven motorized...


Control Magnetic Stirrer with Stir Bar YR02934

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over gear//driven motorized...


Digital Mini Laboratory Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer 

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology// They are preferred over gear-driven motorized...


Our Best Selling Heating Plate

Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over gear-driven motorized stirrers because they are quieter, more efficient, and have no moving external parts to break or wear out (other than the simple bar magnet itself). Because of its small size, a stirring bar is more easily cleaned and sterilized than other stirring devices. They do not require lubricants which could contaminate the reaction vessel and the product. They can be used inside hermetically closed vessels or systems, without the need for complicated rotary seals. Magnetic stirrers may also include a hot plate or some other means for heating the liquid.

Analysis of the best Hotplates and Hotplate Stirrers for your Laboratory

            What is a hot plate? 

The heating plate is a laboratory instrument desktop and portable comprised electric heating elements and corrosion resistant to chemical...


      What is a Warming Plate?

In the laboratories, various procedures are carried out to achieve the objective of their studies, such as distillation, boiling and extraction...


What are multi-station heating plates?

The multi-station heating plate is a benchtop and portable laboratory instrument that adapts to multiple ...


What is a Heating and Stirring Iron?

The heating and stirring plate is the ideal equipment for laboratory practices, able to offer precise temperature...


Guides for you to become an expert in Heating Plates

Heating Plates are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert 

Heating and Stirring Plates- Types And Uses

It is a laboratory equipment that adapts to multiple experiments that require temperature and agitation frequently ...

What are heating plates used for in a laboratory?

Heating plates or plates are small laboratory instruments that have a structure of excellent resistance to ...

What is the best use for a Heating Plate in the Laboratory?    

A heating plate in the laboratory is a very useful piece of equipment. Its main use is to keep containers containing...

What are the different types of heating plates that exist?

These are laboratory instruments are small appliances that have one or more elements of electric heating, in addition they have a structure resistant to chemical spills, as well as corrosion; its main purpose is to heat containers of different materials with liquid...

Heating Plate videos in operation

In this section you can find, our Heating Plates in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc.

Heating Plate Operating

The Hot Plate is a portable benchtop laboratory instrument that has electrical heating elements resistant to corrosion and chemical and mechanical attacks. Useful for heating containers with liquids, glassware or the content inside them in a uniform and controlled way.

This instrument can be found in chemistry, biology and biochemistry laboratories, among its uses are:

  • Drying of chemical analysis.
  • Heat treatment, evaporation of liquids.
  • Studies related to biochemistry and other compounds.
  • Heating flasks and other glassware
  • Some plates contain a magnetic stirrer that allows the heated liquid to be stirred automatically, this occurs when a small magnet or stir bar is inserted into it and is preferably used to create solutions or solutions.

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